I teach fourth grade, and I love it. What I don't love is having to cram everything I know that needs to be done in a short time period. I also have to work on making my students more independent and self sufficient. I want my students excel in reading. I think the ideas in these books are going to help me do just that.

As I implement the Daily Five and Cafe teaching strategies in my room-- I am going to provide free resources to teachers who would like to do the same. I also want to share another wikki that I really reccommend you take a look at-- It is daily5cafechat.wikispaces.com.

The resources are also free, and as I find other wiki sites with free resources I will list them here. Thanks for visiting.

The two Sisters Free Resources
A Daily five condensed version of the components with valuable printouts at thebottom.
Daily five resources-- Daily 5 for Dummies, a parent letter, power points, chapter presentations and more.. Good stuff!
Another Collection Of Daily 5 resources
okay-- This really doesn't belong here-- but there were so many reading related songs that go along with the reading workshop I had to put the link here so I could go back to use it for minilessons on comprehension strategies.